Presentation of a new edition of the cult book about Russia

presentation new book

Presentation of the IX edition of the cult book “Icons of Russia” will be held on December 26 in Moscow.

The book reveals the origin and meaning of famous symbols of Russia, such as a two-headed eagle, a red star or a sickle and a hammer. On its pages are reflected the facts that had a huge impact on all of humanity. The Nobel Prize was created with Russian money. The modern standard of beauty 90-60-90 coined by Russian artist Erte and perfume Chanel №5 – the royal perfumer. The world’s first Ministry of Culture was created in Soviet Russia and only later copied in other countries. Russian vodka was first exported abroad as an imperial gift, Russian sparkling in blind tastings beat French champagne. Sickle and hammer came up with a Russian official a hundred years before the revolution, and the idea to compare Russia with a bear came to the mind of a British journalist.

The event will be attended by representatives of the public, business and cultural elite of the country, including top managers of the largest Russian superbrands, bright representatives of the IT industry, venture entrepreneurs and popular bloggers are expected.

“The book about Russia” gives an opportunity to recall the best achievements of our country and once again to be convinced of the significance of Russia’s contribution to the history, economy and way of life of the whole world.

The representatives of Russian and foreign mass media, TV and radio companies are invited to attend the event by prior accreditation.

Telephone for accreditation: +7 999 975 50 05

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