New Year – a new book about Russia

New Year – a new book about Russia

On the eve of the New Year, a large-scale project “Icons” released an exclusive book about symbols of Russia. Each book launching has found positive feedbacks and its audience around the world for 5 years of painstaking work on the project. The first edition was released in 2012 in Russian and English. On the glossy pages of the current edition of “Icons of Russia” the reader can find interesting facts about public figures and eminent personalities of our time, about the iconic art and its integral components. The authors of Edition IX collected not only bright images and achievements of the present time but also paid attention to the past speaking about Lenin, Zhukovsky, Monomakh’s cap and boots and much more.
The book consists of laconic texts and vivid illustrations, aimed at a wide range of readers: from curious schoolchildren to adults who have already formed their worldview. What associations do Russians have with the country? What do foreigners know about it?
Authors of “Icons of Russia” break the stereotypes about vodka and bears, about a hat with earflaps and Russian way of life that have been developing for centuries. It is interesting that many people of the Russian elite of the 20th century brought a significant contribution to world art. Roger Vadim was married to the most beautiful women in Europe: Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda, Catherine Deneuve. The director made the film “And God Created a Woman,” while Erté created the image of an ideal woman. “Icons of Russia” contains stories about these and other amazing discoveries.

Today Russia is a treasure trove of numerous talented people in various fields: show business and art, economics and technology, cinema and folk culture. Russian bloggers and programmers do not just conform to world trends, but bring something more to the culture of the 21st century. Samburskaya and Shishkova collect a million audience from around the world on Instagram and Pavel Durov did not stop at creating Vkontakte. He invented Telegram which has become very popular all over the world.

Did you know that?
The choice in favor of Telegram was made even by the Pope

What is the main image and symbol of the whole Russian XXI century? Undoubtedly, it is the current president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The head of Russia ranks first in the list of the most influential and recognizable politicians in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

Russia is a superpower with the strongest army and high-tech innovations. Vitaly Buterin created the crypto currency Ethereum and David Yang founded the company “Abby”. According to the rating of military power, we occupy the second place after the USA.
Russia is multifarious country, it is impossible to fit reliable and up-to-date information in one book. Next year the tenth part of the book is planned but for now we are enjoying the ninth edition.
Icons of Russia is the 21st century handbook for the indigenous people, tourists and all those related to the powerful state, to the country whose name we pronounce with pride and honor – Russia. Concluding our presentation, let us recall the words of the great Russian poet Fedor Tyutchev, who accurately conveys the idea of Icons of Russia:

“Russia is a thing of which
the intellect cannot conceive.
Hers is no common yardstick.
You measure her uniquely:
in Russia you believe!”

The book will be released in two languages in the spring of 2018.