This unique edition contains legendary brands, cult works, style icons and economic records of Russia. The reader gets a vivid panorama of the achievements of culture, politics and business: from advanced technologies to high fashion, from social brands to innovative art.

The first edition of Icons of Russia was published in 2011 in Russian and English languages ​​has gained recognition worldwide. Since then, much has been done in Russia, changes have taken place in the global economy and politics. In the current edition you will get acquainted with Russian developers and trends that affect the way of life of people all over the world. We are talking about the historical heritage, classical art, pop culture, fashion and sport, high technologies, social networks. Innovation and creativity are the qualities that allowed Russia to become a great country and take its place in the forefront of world culture.

The book tells the true origin and the profound meaning of the famous Russian character, such as the two-headed eagle, the red star or the hammer and sickle. On its pages are reflected little-known facts, which also had a huge impact on the whole of mankind. Here are just a few examples. The Nobel Prize was created with Russian money. The modern standard of beauty 90-60-90 coined by Russian artist Erte and perfume Chanel №5 – the royal perfumer. The world’s first Ministry of Culture was created in Soviet Russia and only later copied in other countries. Russian vodka is first exported abroad as an imperial gift, Russian sparkling wine in a blind tasting beat French champagne. Hammer and Sickle Russian official came up with a hundred years before the revolution, and lie mleya compare Russia with a bear came up with the British journalist.


Council of Authors

Станислав Тихонов

Stanislav Tikhonov

Vasily Smekalov

Сергей Михайлов

Sergey Mikhailov

Vladimir Lyaporov

Александр Сапов

Alexander Sapov

Екатерина Колосовская

Ekaterina Kolosovskaya

Александр Першиков

Alexander Pershikov


Ари Кравчин

Ari Krawchin

Андрей Недорослев

Andrey Nedoroslev

Ирина Янченко

Irina Yanchenko

Делла Безелянская

Della Bezelyanskaya

Andrey Zaruev